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Mercari opens AI offices in Cambridge

Japanese flea market operator Mercari Inc. has hired a new team of AI engineers in the U.S. to predict the buying and selling behaviors of U.S. customers and give them more personalized experiences. Mercari is battling Yahoo Auctions for the No.1 horizontal spot in...

Mercari terminates video-supported trade

Japanese flea market operator Mercari Inc. has decided to terminate its live video-supported trading service, known as Mercari Channel, from next month. The decision was taken to concentrate on improving the company’s core operations. Tokyo-based Mercari was founded...

Mercari to expand AI team by 30

Mercari Inc., the operator of the flea market app Mercari, plans to recruit around 30 tech enthusiasts this year to speed up activities centered on artificial intelligence. This content is part of our business intelligence service. Please click the button below to...