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Nomu.com/pro adds investment simulation tool

Investment property site Nomu.com/pro has introduced a real estate investment simulation tool to help investors predetermine cash flows for rental properties.  Prospective sellers or buyers can conduct an online simulation to get an estimate for the annual income...

Nomu.com adds appeal to saleable properties

Property vertical Nomu.com, which is owned by Nomura Real Estate Holdings Inc., has introduced house cleaning and professional photography services to improve the sales value of properties. The services are available for both individual and corporate customers....

Nomu.com upgrades VR listings

Property vertical Nomu.com has upgraded its virtual reality listings, allowing home-seekers to take 360-degree, virtual tours of properties without special VR headgear. The site is owned by Nomura Real Estate Holdings Inc. (TSE: 3231); which runs several other...

Aruhi offers loan simulations on Alexa

Japanese mortgage specialists Aruhi, which provides services to property sites, has started offering loan simulations on Amazon Alexa, a cloud-based voice service.  This content is part of our business intelligence service. Please click the button below to learn more....