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Nomura hires auditor

Nomura Real Estate has announced personnel changes. Two auditors retired, while a new one was hired. The announcement was made at a recent board meeting. Naruse Masaya (鳴瀬 雅也) and Fujitani Shigeki (藤谷 茂樹) retired while Takayama Ning ((高山 寧) was recruited as a new...

Lukuhol.com launched for real estate agents

Japan’s overcrowded scene of online real estate marketplaces has seen the launch of another property matching site at Lukuhol.com. This one’s only open to realtors.  The site’s holding company, Tokyo-based Lukuhol Corporation, was established in January....

Renosy Sell launched for price assessments

Property firm Ga Technologies has released a free tool Renosy Sell to present AI-powered price assessments of used condominiums and help users visualize real estate transactions in real-time. It takes just 45 seconds for the tool to assess prices of second-hand...

Landnet unveils I-Buyer model

Japanese real estate site operator Landnet Inc. has introduced an I-Buyer business model to complete property sale contracts and payments in as little as one day.  The business model is becoming commonplace in the U.S. with Opendoor, OfferPad, and Zillow all using...

JibunHouse launches JBNStudios.com

Japanese tech-oriented real estate start-up JibunHouse has launched JBNStudios.com to offer "a new generation of marketing services" powered by augmented and virtual reality.  This content is part of our business intelligence service. Please click the button below to...