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OnTruck triples UK business

Spanish transport marketplace OnTruck.com has tripled its monthly shipments in the United Kingdom since launching there in March 2018. The company now ships more than 50,000 tons of freight in Britain.  The company was launched by a group of co-founders led by CEO...

OnTruck raises €25 million

Spanish transport marketplace OnTruck.com has raised €25 million ($29.5 million U.S.) in a round led by San Francisco-based venture capital fund Cathay Innovation. The business-to-business (b-to-b) marketplace connects freelance professional drivers with companies...

Transport marketplace OnTruck expands to UK

Spanish business-to-business (b-to-b) marketplace OnTruck.com has launched in London, following a test period that began in September 2017. The transport marketplace connects businesses that have shipping needs with freelance professional drivers. The AIM Group...

Three classified sites win Spanish start-up awards

Spanish business magazine Actualidad Económica has chosen three classifieds as "start-ups with the brightest future" in its Best Start-ups in Spain Awards, held in association with La Caixa Bank. This content is part of our business intelligence service. Please click...

Niche service marketplace OnTruck grows rapidly

Business-to-business marketplace OnTruck is changing the way Spanish companies transport their goods. On the platform, businesses search for drivers (with trucks) to transport goods. At the same time, OnTruck is also a niche jobs (or gig) site: drivers go there to...