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Smiloops raises $5.3 million

Tokyo-headquartered Smiloops Inc. has raised 600 million yen ($5.3 million U.S.) in funding through a third-party allotment by U.S.-based venture capital firm World Innovation Lab. This brings its total investment, including loans, to Y1 billion ($8.976 million U.S.)....

ForkWell launches coding bootcamp

IT-focused jobs-matching service ForkWell.com, which is owned and operated by Tokyo-based Grooves, is offering a 12-week training program to educate software engineers about technical and communication skills. The course is being offered in partnership with coding...

Suumo.jp ties up with HomePro

Suumo.jp, the No.1 Japanese property marketplace (in terms of traffic), has entered into a collaboration agreement with the country’s largest renovation firm search engine HomePro (ホームプロ). It will now list 900 remodeling companies on its “remodel”...