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Jobindex wins as job vacancies soar in Denmark

There is an old adage in the classified business: When companies find it more difficult to recruit and find qualified candidates, they tend to spend more money on advertising and increase their spending on corporate branding. This is what is happening in Denmark, and one saw proof in the Q3 earnings report of Jobindex (released yesterday). The report confirmed that these are good times for Jobindex.

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Courtesy of Axel Springer AG

Axel Springer’s StepStone grows 21% in Q3

Axel Springer (Xetra: SPR) reported another strong quarter today, powered by its classifieds businesses once again. “The figures for the first nine months of FY2017 are the best in the history of the company,” said CEO Matthias Doepfner in an analyst/investor call today. So far this year, classifieds have contributed 58.1 percent of total group earnings, he said.

New German job site posts challenges, not vacancies

New German job site posts challenges, not vacancies

One of the latest job sites to launch in Germany is Whyapply, a platform where companies post challenges rather than ads. Prospective applicants respond to challenge questions and comment on each other’s answers as a way of demonstrating problem-solving skills that don’t always show up on a CV. Whyapply launched in beta in September.

No end to classifieds victory march at Axel Springer

Germany’s Axel Springer released its results for FY2016 yesterday, and the overall message was unchanged from the nine-month period (our report here), namely the division classifieds was the star performer in the financial year. In fact, it was the only division to grow its revenue in FY2016.

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