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Morgan Stanley buys JV on Taobao

Alibaba’s flagship e-commerce platform Taobao’s ever-changing remit now includes everything from viral video content to daily deals. One more established side-business is the platform’s dedicated channel for legal seizures, SF.Taobao.com, which...

Alibaba’s Xianyu up to 2 million daily listings

Co-founder of mobile c-to-c marketplace Xianyu Chen Weiye has revealed some remarkable new data on the platform's growth. Chen confirmed that as of 2019, more than one million users post more than two million listings every day on Xianyu. More than 1.4 billion items...

Taobao unveils ambitious live-streaming plan

Chinese c-to-c marketplace Taobao will drastically expand its live-streaming operations this year as a new driver for e-commerce growth. Taobao Live, the live-streaming unit of Taobao, is aiming to expand its business in 2019 to 10 product categories with annual sales...