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CarWow: Wow in the U.K., less so elsewhere

CarWow, which promises to take "the haggle and the hassle" out of new-car shopping with a reverse-auction process, is off to a quick start in the U.K. But its moves into Germany, France and Spain are just getting off the ground, and face some tough competition. This...

TheHouseShop: Rapidly growing U.K. site

Founded in 2015, British property marketplace TheHouseShop has a simple goal: make transactions happen. "The usual portal model is designed to serve the agents, which is good," said co-founder and CEO Sebastien Goldenberg. "But they the aim of the business remains to...

Is EBay going for the top spot in U.K. autos?

EBay has reaffirmed its interest in the U.K. auto space with the planned acquisition of No. 4 auto vertical Motors.co.uk. Is the classified giant making a move to displace local giant AutoTrader.co.uk? Or would a “super-second” position suffice as its slice of the...

Online agencies reshaping U.K. real estate

U.K. real estate is dominated by classified giants Rightmove and Zoopla, which only allow agents to list. However, a growing group of hybrid agencies are vying to disrupt and grab a slice of the lucrative market by offering consumers more choice and transparency, for...