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Human Resocia to source talent abroad

Japanese human resource firm Human Resocia Inc. has signed agreements with three Korean universities and one educational institution to provide their students with language training and help them pursue careers as IT engineers in Japan. The agreements were signed with...

Jinji-Navi launched for HR staff in Japan

Tokyo-headquartered  Work Port Inc. has launched a new jobs-matching site for HR and administration professionals at Jinji-Navi.WorkPort.co.jp. Work Port Inc. was founded in 2003. It also runs a career-change site at WorkPort.co.jp, a recruitment site dedicated to IT...

WorkPort expands free IT schooling

Tokyo-headquartered Work Port Inc. has opened two new branches of its IT and engineering schools in Nagoya and Saitama. They will offer a month's free training to help inexperienced job-seekers.  This content is part of our business intelligence service. Please click...