Ivone Punuh

Ivone worked as a secretary for Australian and German companies from age 20 to 23. Successfully co-founded her family company at the age of 24
and established two relatively small but profitable fashion businesses when she was 25. Decided to study fashion design out of curiosity at the age of 29 and moved permanently to Germany at the age of 32 because she felt challenged. Previously working as a fashion consultant for two German’s fashion brands, she is now happily assisting Katja Riefler with her crazy work schedules in their Munich office since early 2015. She sometimes blabs on her personal blog.


  • Indonesian
  • English
  • German

Fun facts

  • She once thought of being a model full-time. After few photo shoots, a couple of runways and one national TV advertisement she realised she actually really loves to eat.
  • She used to sing for a living. Still sings now and has a page on Soundcloud.
  • She loves books, traveling and dark chocolates. Oh and unicorns.