Welcome to the AIM Group

The AIM Group, formally the Advanced Interactive Media Group LLC, is the world’s leading consultancy in interactive media and classified advertising. It publishes Classified Intelligence Report, a continuous advisory service often called “the bible of the classified advertising industry.” The AIM Group and Classified Intelligence consultants are leaders in their industries. All of them have practical, real-world experience operating and managing traditional and interactive-media businesses.

The AIM Group works with leading media companies, broadcasters, dot-coms, yellow-page publishers and technology companies. The company was founded in 1998 by Peter Zollman and is based in Orlando, Florida. AIM Group consists of a global team of consultants that provides strategic and tactical consulting; sales training; proprietary and published research about interactive media; and other services. The AIM Group works with newspapers, dot-coms, broadcasters, ASPs, software vendors and corporate clients to help develop successful interactive-media services.

Our focus is the intersection of interactive media and traditional media like newspapers, broadcasting, yellow pages and magazines. We work with our clients to develop successful, real-world businesses, and spend our time on practical issues and immediate concerns. But we also keep long-term concerns in mind, carefully balancing the present and the future.

Our areas of expertise include:

(1) Classified advertising – print and online
(2) Increasing revenue at traditional media Web sites
(3) Sales training for Web and traditional-media sales representatives
(4) Audience development strategies and tactics
(5) Strategic workshops and interactive-media coaching for senior executives
(6) Advertiser presentations – local media, real estate, automotive, recruitment
(7) Call center optimization for traditional and interactive-media publishers
(8) New advertising models, including pay-per-click and pay-for-performance advertising
(9) Local search and its implications for retail and classified advertising, and publishers
(10) The growing need for video content on media Web sites
(11) The increasing use of mobile applications for content and advertising
(12) Using e-mail as a marketing tool, traffic builder and advertising delivery vehicle

What sets us apart?

Unlike many consultants, the AIM Group never presents “canned” or “off-the-shelf” presentations, or unsupported revenue numbers and projections that are based on flimsy or undisclosed methodology. We work closely with our clients to provide specific, detailed, actionable strategies and tactics that deliver higher revenue, sales reps who are trained in real-world interactive media issues, and more effective interactive media tools for publishers.